Sharifah says;

Ms. Sharifah, the local council planner dictated that the building shall bear resemblance to a residential home, thus the literally ubiquitous dual pitched roof from was referenced as the solution to that requirement.

With the above as a basis of design, the building was set among its residential context, and expresses itself in harmony with the surrounding build form, scale and profile.

The entire structure and façade were designed to be volumetric and solid in response to the needs of its function as a gallery space. With limited openings to the adjacent neighbors, the transparency of the building is maintained through slits of skylight and a designated area within the front façade that relates to the main road. The frontal glazed areas were screen by means of a steel lattice that encases clustered foliage. This forms of layering that works as a fringe between the internal vs external areas, in contrast to the blunt edges of the rest of the building.