As the building in which the project is housed, distinctive for its architectural signatures with regards to the façade, planning and material palette, it was decided that the showroom shall reflect a ‘temporary condition’ as if it were a mere exhibition space.

Taking into consideration the visual permeability of the surrounding circulation spaces and courtyard, we designed a ‘pod’ like structure to be erected within the premises instead of changing the façade to create visual attention. This ‘pod’ shall contain all the main functional requirements, display background and utilities, while the remaining spaces within and outside of the pods are used as gallery spaces for the boutique.

Thus, we envisioned a pod that is designed to an abstracted version of the ‘monopoly’ house blocks. The pod is placed within the premises, detached from the façade and devoid of all enclosed ceiling. It is like a space within a bigger space.

The pod is punctured, cut, folded, forming creases and surfaces that are functional. The viewer is encouraged to meander and sieve through the gallery randomly. This allows the spaces to be more ‘human’ and engage the viewers in an informal manner. Being entirely made out of Oriented Strand Board, the pod refers to crates and wooden pallets that are placed on site, pried and gutted open to house an exhibition.