The idea of plural design has led to the culmination of a network, a collective of numerous design offices with vdro sdn bhd, who have come together in a collaborative work-structure. We work at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention.

Our works are driven to address design criterions as a process. Thus, we are attracted to difficult contexts and circumstances. Complex design programs offer untapped potential which we try to activate.

For every project, we form tailored teams of interdisciplinary experts. Our architects, city planners, interior designers, product designers would forge alliances with artists, graphics and alternative media designers. They’d then engage rigorously with residents, the clients, the end users in order to infuse each project with individual character, devoid from mere stylistic reinterpretations.

We describe this as “research-based design.” We are committed to dealing with large or small scale design programs: this double perspective allows us to study various projects from the perspective of human scale, complementing the approach that we adopt to bigger issues of urbanism and architecture.